i will just leave this here

my heart feels so heavy 


i cried till my eyes swollen

I keep playing sad songs , even I’m searching for more sad songs

I wish i can forget everything from the moment i was born till now

I keep crying i want to cut my relationships with all my friends from everywhere 

I don’t want to say i wanna die bcos i want to live but i want to forget everything so i can continue living

23 was the worset year ever in my life

I thought before there’s nothing bad can happen worset than that thing but.. i was wrong

I hate myself i hate the fact that i was born in this family 

I hate myself i hate my life

My eyes hurt so much 

I want to sleep and never woke up

I’m dying slowly rn i wish if my born was a dream i wish if this was a dream  i wish if my whole life was a dream .. a bad dream

11:00 pm



i’m working on my report rn i wish i can make you feel the atmosphere here , i love this type of atmosphere..

room lights are off and me sitting on my desk using my laptop and there’s the yellow light on my desk is on and i’m listening to some music box i love this type of songs


and then this is my fav fucking song from my favvvv movieeeeeeeee



and yea lately i’m missing many things on twitter

and i always think about that friend ..,,,,,,,,,,

we don’t have the enough time to chat each day she have exams and me busy with this stupid uni,  i ‘ll show her this post maybe after 100years i’m really missing talking  with her:'( !

and u know when u really love someone but don’t fucking know how to express that in words

this is me

i can’t do that with her:'(

ok bye going to finish my report

this is my secert place i’ll comeback later i have a lot of ideas to do here and their

i love everyone who’s reading this ❤


letting go

when your life is a real mess

you know what.. i’m tired from being tired

i’m tired from the situation right now idk when i will be in a happy family

i’m always wondering why my family is like this why can’t we live like others

i know it will never happen

so is this the spring break that i was looking for?, spring break my ass


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